An Evening at Rest

I’ve been hurtling through the last few months and loving (nearly) every minute of it. (I’ll admit – scrubbing the floors? No love lost there.)

Between work, neighborhood commitments, friends, family (loving the increase in family time), cooking, grocery shopping, running – it’s been a breakneck couple of months.

This week I started grad school, so things are looking even busier.

Even my weekends have been packed, especially as I try to finish some outdoor projects while the weather holds. And I traveled to New York last weekend for a friend’s wedding, which threw me off even more. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks, which has made for some interesting meals the last few days!

But tonight, I’m at rest. I have a DVR that has been accumulating season premieres, and I’ve spent some glorious time on the couch. It’s just cool enough that a hoodie is perfect, but the window is still cracked open.

I know tomorrow I’ll be back at it – I’ve got a full day of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity scheduled, and I’d like to sneak in a run before I go. Plus, the Elgin Pub Crawl is tempting me for the evening – is anyone going?

But come Sunday morning, when I get to sleep in unfettered for the first time in three or four weeks, it will be glorious.

It had better be – I’ve got lots to do!

Truly, though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. While I need the occasional night like this, I’m happiest when I’m doing a dozen things.


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