Running Goals

Soon after I started running in March, I joined The Daily Mile, which I’ve heard described as “Facebook for Runners.” That’s pretty apt: the people on Daily Mile (mostly) vaguely know each other, but by interacting with friends’ friends, you build your network. Only this network is made up entirely of runners cyclists and other people interested in fitness.

It has been incredibly helpful and supportive as I’ve gone from Couch-to-5k to my first 5k to looking ahead to my first 15k (gulp).

As you post workouts, people provide good comments, advice and support. It’s so motivating after a tough run to have someone tell you it’s okay, the next one will be better. Plus, there’s a certain level of accountability inherent in publicly logging your runs. If someone doesn’t post for a couple weeks, Daily Mile gives you an option to send them a note saying, “I miss your training!” (Not that I’m the nagging sort.)

One thing I really like about Daily Mile is that you can set goals. When I first joined, I set my goals as: “Break 30 minutes in a 5k at some point this summer, be able to run 5 miles by Labor Day.”

I’ve hit both those goals – and blown them out of the water! I’ve had two sub-30 minute 5ks, and I’ve run 5+ miles several times recently.

So it’s time for new goals:

Run the Hot Chocolate 15k; Run a 10k in under 60 minutes; Break 27 minutes in a 5k

Here are my (tentative) race plans for the rest of the year. Join me at any of them, or just follow me on the Daily Mile!

Sycamore Pumpkin Run 10k – October 31 – Sycamore

Hot Chocolate 15k – November 6 – Chicago

Thanks a Lot Turkey Trot 5k – November 25 – Elgin

I’m also considering the South Elgin Harvest Hustle 7k on Oct 2, the World’s Largest Corn Maze 5k on Oct 17 in Spring Grove,  and potentially the Dec 5 Cross Country Challenge in Gilberts.

Join me for any of these, or let me know if there’s another one you’re curious to try!

(Psst… and if you’re thinking about starting to run, a 5k is a great goal that will help motivate you! Coincidentally, the Nov 25 Turkey Trot right here in Elgin is 72 days away… just enough time to start and complete the Couch-to-5k program!)


2 responses to “Running Goals

  1. It’s official. We’ve both caught the running habit – HARD! And I’m loving it and glad to see that you are, too! I’m SO excited to finally run a race together for the Hot Chocolate 15K! Woo-Hoo!

  2. Congrats on catching the running bug! I was going to set my first goal for a half Marathon that is in Jan, but now I think I’ll stick the Couch-to-5K in there first as a good stepping stone. David P. told me to check out your blog here after I picked his brain for training tips. If you ever feel like you want to come run in CA, give me a call :-p

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