They’re Ba-ack!

Perhaps they were never really gone. After a couple months of relative quiet, the crack dealers across the street have returned. During the half hour it took me to mow my front lawn Sunday afternoon, I witnessed four drug deals. As is often the case, within about 2 minutes of calling the police, the dealers cut and run, scattering like cockroaches.

In honor of their return, I am declaring next weekend “Crack Weekend.” I will fill in all the cracks in the driveway, sidewalk and the foundation. Maybe I’ll even paint the front steps while I’m at it – and wave at the crack dealers across the way. Weather permitting, of course.

Meanwhile, the local smoke shop – really, more paraphernalia than tobacco – has acquiesced in their fight against our neighborhood association and is leaving town. The shop was just around the corner and lacked parking, so I often had patrons parking in front of my house. Good riddance!


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