I have more ants. Last weekend’s attempted destruction of the giant ant hill and its satellite barely slowed them down – they’ve rebuilt in full, and I daresay they’re even bigger. Last night, I spied a handful of ants in the dining room, along the baseboards, carrying a crumb of food. I discovered my can of ant spray was empty, so I Windexed them to death.

This morning, while brushing my teeth, I looked down into the backyard from the guest room and could plainly see the larger ant hill from my window.

This means war.

I went to Home Depot and bought weapons for a triple-pronged approach: good old-fashioned spray (“kills on contact!”), bait traps and some powdered poison that supposedly will take out the hills once and for all. Hopefully tomorrow will be rain-free so I can bait the hills.

Update Sunday afternoon: While getting ready to head upstairs for the night, I noticed a moving black crumb on the kitchen floor. It was a mass of ants – easily 20 of the little buggers – who had united to hoist a piece of catfood and carry it back to their lair. Now, Collette’s not always the tidiest eater – she often drops a piece or two of food to the floor right outside her bowl – but this was a good 3-4 feet away. Such power!

We sprung into action, first locking the curious cat upstairs, away from the pending poison, along with her food and water bowls. We sprayed all the kitchen and dining room baseboards with the new ant spray, laid down bait traps under the fridge and stove, and called it a night.


One response to “Uncle!

  1. I hate ants. We had a war with ours last year. We tried every natural option we could last year. The cinnamon works pretty well if you put it in the windows (if thats their entry point), however, if you leave it in moist windows too long it will grow mold. And if they are already in the house…. Anyway, we never know where they come from. We think they might live under the house. Our final solution: the little food traps that they carry back to the nest and kill all the other ants. I so don’t want to deal with it again this year. Yikes! Anyway… good luck on your war.

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