The best part…

What’s the best part of being a home owner?

Not the pride of ownership I feel every time I turn the key (cheesy, but true).

Not the ample space to spread out.

Not the postage-stamp backyard for sunning and stargazing.

Not the unpredictable snowshoveling or the fear of frozen pipes.

Not the costs of keeping up with repairs and improvements.

Not the frustration wrought by the crack-dealing neighbors or last summer’s drive-by shooting.

Not the joy of turning the corner and seeing my house, lights on, an inviting beacon on a cold, dark night.

No, the best part of homeownership is the tax break. After paying nearly a quarter of my annual income in mortgage interest(!), come March, I get a sizable tax refund. I use it to pay down debt. Sigh.

But today, at least, that tax refund makes it all worthwhile.


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