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Upcoming Projects

I spent part of Saturday planning out my projects for the next six months, along with budget and a bit of Dad guidance. Here’s my tentative plan for the next few months:

1) Fence. Must do this soon, before the ground hardens. I’ve done quite a bit of research (including the need for a permit!), taken tons of measurements, and am just about ready to go. Except, of course, for a few nagging questions. Like, what do I do with the old fence? And what happens to all the junk my neighbor has propped up against my back fence? Those will be answered soon.

2) Windows. I’ve been window shopping lately, learning as much as I can about replacement windows. I spent a couple good hours at Home Depot learning from their window expert and have read countless websites. In the interest of time, sanity and proper insulation, I will be hiring a company to do this project – their estimates will determine how many I replace now versus next year. I’ve got three contractors identified for bids; I hope to have them all out within the next few days.

3) Replace cracked window panes. Related to replacing windows, I’ve got two cracked panes on my porch. Replacing them will take a bit of research, but I should be able to handle it myself.

4) Finish caulking the porch roof. I started this with half a tube of leftover caulk, so I might as well finish it. A little extra insulation never hurt anyone.

5) Light-a-palooza. I have a couple u-g-l-y light fixtures that continue to annoy me. The next time that Home Depot/Lowe’s/Menards has a great lighting sale, I’m going to bite the bullet and replace a couple of the most egregious – like the Hollywood Barbie light bar in the downstairs bathroom and the naked bulb in the stairwell.

6) Dining room floor. My floor has been uneven since I first looked at the house – the joys of 110 years of history – but the dining room has always been the most noticable and disconcerting. My home inspector said it stemmed from a cracked floor joist that must have occured when a previous owner installed ductwork in the basement. The inspector and another contractor concurred that the floor isn’t sinking – it’s moved as far as it will – but it’s always been a bit unsettling. Regardless, I plan on ripping up the otherwise nice hardwood floor and pouring a leveling compound, then laying a new subfloor and some sort of flooring. I may also replace the support beams in the basement to make them all uniform and get rid of the potentially-scary shims.

Bottles over the fence

A new quandary – how to stop the beer bottles from migrating across the fence into my yard? In summer, it was just plain annoying. Every time I’d mow the backyard, I’d scoop up the assorted candy wrappers and flamin’ hot Cheetos bags from my yard. For awhile, when it first got cold, it was like the litterbugs had fled to the inside of their crappy apartment building.

Then, one day about a week ago, while brushing my teeth and looking down into my backyard, I spied a beer bottle smack dab in the middle of my backyard, in the snow. It was almost artistic. While leaving a bit later, I remembered it, and my boyfriend tossed it back over the fence into the yard – heck, not even a yard, but just asphalt parking lot – for the four-unit apartment building next door. I chastised him and said it should be recycled, but I did agree there was a point to be made.

Then, Sunday morning, I noticed another beer bottle (the same one?) in my backyard. I forgot about it every time I left the house, until Monday morning, while in the rush to leave for work.

Yep, there are now three empty beer bottles in my backyard.

I’m torn. If I recycle them in my own cans, yes, it removes the litter. If I toss them back over, does it send a message? What I just don’t understand is why – the parking lot in question has all four garbage cans and four recycle bins within 10 feet of where the bottles enter my property. I always wonder who taught litterers that it’s okay to leave your trash in someone’s yard or, in the case of my walk to the train, along the side of the road.

If I see the friendly landlord again, I’ll mention it to him. Though I guess in the greater scheme of things, the bottles aren’t nearly as bad as the crack dealers he used to rent to.