A Tale of Two Neighbors

This morning, I woke to several inches of fresh, beautiful, slushy snow.

The radio said it was “heart attack snow,” as the water content was very high. I told myself it would make a great workout – but finding the (preferably day-lit) time would be tricky.

But barely an hour later, as I was on my first conference call of the day, I heard a growling from the street. A minute later, my neighbor appeared on his ATV, with a plow blade strapped to the front. He quickly turned my slushy heart-attack mess into a neatly cleared driveway. He even did the sidewalks for half the block. Hooray for good neighbors! I will bake a sweet thanks this weekend.

Across the street, I have a different type of neighbor with the local car stereo/rims/alarms business. For months, I’ve noticed a correlation between the presence of the bright red Hummer and the house-shaking bass that rattles the pictures on my wall.

Earlier this week, for the first time, I saw the front of the Hummer. (Usually, it’s parked facing the building.)

It seems rather appropriate, don’t you think?

It takes all kinds.


4 responses to “A Tale of Two Neighbors

  1. I hope you call the city/PD about the bass when it rumbles. That is a tow-worthy offense and you shouldn’t have to deal with it. Hi, BTW 🙂

    But having good neighbors makes a world of difference, and what makes a town a community

    • Hi to you!

      I’ve called several times about the shop, and the police have had some conversations with them. This guy seems to just crank things up for 60-90 seconds at a time – maybe just showing off? Not quick enough to call in, just long enough to mutter under my breath.

  2. I live a couple blocks away and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that bass! I’m “sure” he/she is a careful, considerate drive, too. :/ On the other hand, our next-door neighbor routinely blows the snow from our sidewalk & front walk up to the stairs before we even have a chance. Hooray for good neighbors is right!!

    • Oh, yes. That whole crew seems to take some liberties with rules of the road. I cringe in summer when kids are out playing.

      But indeed, the good neighbors help make up for it!

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