What’s Missing?

Next week, Elgin’s Downtown Neighborhood Association is hosting a workshop to discuss “Windows of Opportunity” for downtown. They’re trying to identify “what businesses residents, visitors and existing business owners would like to see in downtown in the next few years.” [UPDATE: I recap the session discussion.]

I have my own thoughts about this, but I’m curious what others think. Consider attending the session next Wednesday – and leave your thoughts below.

What business or type of business would you like to see? What could attract people to downtown? What “fits” with the existing businesses?

In short, what’s missing?

This is part of my informal “Reverb11: Elgin Edition” series. Check out yesterday’s post on Elgin’s Walkability and leave your comments there, too. 


15 responses to “What’s Missing?

  1. Via Twitter, @ElginKevin:

    Car sharing!

  2. Via Facebook, Cassie H:

    I want a fabric store back in Elgin. Hobby Lobby sucks and I hate driving to Algonquin or Batavia. A Kids Bounce house would be good too.

  3. Bakery that caters to “European” tastes, like bismarck’s, long johns, apple fritters, fresh breads, muffins, cakes …
    Hard scooped ice cream. Yes we have 31 flavors but …
    Pizza by the slice
    Flower shop! When I need to buy flowers have no idea where to go in Elgin
    Women’s clothing. OK I know I am dreaming on that one

  4. I’d like to see a boutique, chipotle, subs and a chain restaurant (TGIF, applebees, chilli’s)

  5. 1. Specialty tea and spice store similar to http://harborteaandspice.com/ and http://www.thespicehouse.com
    2. A used or chain bookstore
    3. A rock climbing wall (or at least keep the existing one at the community center, expand its hours and keep its schedule actually updated on the website)

    • I love the Spice House – would love to have them so close. We do have Elgin Books & Coffee (next to the Public House) and Books at Sunset, but really, you can’t have too many bookstores. Sometimes I miss Hyde Park.

  6. Pizza joint, but word is that’s on the way.

    Downtown Elgin could also use a bike shop.

    • Yes, Chooch’s Pizza is in the works – I haven’t heard a grand opening date yet, but hopefully soon! And a bike shop would be great, especially given our proximity to the bike path.

  7. Trader Joes, a vegetarian cafe (with music, of course), an Irish pub like McNallys in St. Charles, Breadsmith (the owners live in SWAN!), place to buy bulk foods (like a food co-op), bike shop, jazz club, florist/flower shop

    • Great ideas all around – I would love to buy bulks next door to Trader Joe’s. And I didn’t know that about the Breadsmith! Maybe they can create the bakery Janelle wants above?

  8. I’ve been trying to get Bangkok House to open a later night Tiki Bar…. just sayin….

  9. How about a Starbucks and Whole Foods Market for Downtown! ^o^

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