Snug as a Bug…

We’ve had snow twice in the last week. Twice! Saturday’s rain and drizzle turned into snow mid-afternoon, though thankfully didn’t stick. But Monday morning, I woke up to a dusting of snow on the grass, rooftops and tulips. It could be worse, though. Colleagues in Wisconsin have had 6+ inches of accumulation this week. At least our snow melted by noon.

While I’m not thrilled with the late-season cold snap, I’ve been trying to find the silver lining. I had new windows installed mid-March, so at least the cold is giving me a chance to test the improvement in warmth over the leaky old windows.

Like last time, I went with Advanced Window Systems out of Loves Park. They have been fabulous both times I’ve worked with them. And the new windows have already proved their worth, keeping out the cold and wind. It also seems quieter  upstairs, with less ambient street noise.

My cold-weather testing has conclusive results, so now I need to do more spring testing and learn how well the new windows let in the fresh air. I’ve had a couple days to enjoy the breeze, but I’m ready for more extensive testing.


One response to “Snug as a Bug…

  1. Spring testing would be great! lol It’s an OK day here in Chicago today. I’m happy I was able to let my windows down on the way to work. Hopefully we won’t see any more cold weather until the Fall.

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