Happy Runniversary

A year ago today, I started the Couch-to-5k program with a 20 minute workout that alternated 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking.

Before my very first 5k, the Elgin Fox Trot, Memorial Day 2010

Now, I’m just a few weeks from my second half marathon.

A year ago, those first several runs were terrible. Even though I’d been working out for a year – strength training, kickboxing, pilates, etc – running was an entirely different beast.

Now, even when the runs are tough – like after some rigorous strength training – I love being out in the fresh air, alone with my thoughts, quiet except for my feet hitting the sidewalk.

Finishing the Survivor Huskie 5k Trail Run in December

And I love the running community – fantastic people who have encouraged me, advised me, and pushed me to try new things. Challenge is good.

So here’s to another great year of running! I have several races scheduled, and I’m looking forward to getting even more out of them.

Unfortunately, a full day of meetings (both work and otherwise) conspired against a run today. I was willing to brave the steady rain and falling slush for a commemorative run, but never had enough a big enough break. But that’s ok. I have plenty more runs in my future, as long as I stay smart with my training and don’t get hurt.

Here’s to many more happy runniversaries for all my #runnerds friends! How do you celebrate your running milestones?


4 responses to “Happy Runniversary

  1. Congrats on a fantastic first year of running! I’m so glad to have met you and all the other #runnerds and I can’t wait to run the next half marathon with you in a few weeks! Running is so much more fun with good friends.

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