How Social Media is Changing Everything

Many of you know I work in social media. Yes, I really do “tweet for a living,” though it’s so much more than that. Social media has huge promise, and I’m constantly testing new things, attending conferences and webinars, reading blogs and trying to learn as much as I can.

All that is well and good. But when it finally comes together, and you can see the implications of social media for our lives, I get chills.

Two weeks ago, after leaving a couple days of unplugged bliss in Florida, I went to the opposite end of the spectrum: HIMSS11, a tradeshow with 30,000+ attendees that serves as the annual meeting for the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society.

There, for the first time in my social media “career,” I saw how all the pieces can come together in tweetups, videos and QR codes. Read more over at Mastering Data Management.

Have you had an “aha” moment about your job?


One response to “How Social Media is Changing Everything

  1. all this tweeting – sounds like a flock of birds.

    I am too old for this.

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