Gifts of Time and Self

On the heels of Christmas, I’ve been thinking about gifts a lot, both given and received. I had a great Christmas and got a lot of fantastic gifts – a North Face wicking jacket that has been fantastic for cold-weather running, a crock pot and some terrific new pots, lots of kitchen gadgets, clothes, the most cuddly fleece PJs I’ve ever worn, tools and even a crowbar.

Yesterday’s #reverb10 asked, “This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?”

Besides the physical gifts, I’ve really been lucky to get the gift of time with loved ones. I see my parents far more than I used to, and I love it. The hours (and hours, and hours) spent painting the front of the house were time well-spent for reasons beyond home improvement.

I’ve also received a gift of self – I feel much more centered, balanced and at peace with myself than a year ago. That didn’t require a credit card, and it didn’t come with a gift receipt, but I wouldn’t return it for anything.

What’s your favorite gift from this year?

This post is part of #Reverb10, a month-long project to reflect on the year nearly gone. Read all my #Reverb10 posts, or learn more.


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