Take Three. Or Four.

At long last, I’m re-re-launching my blog. Welcome (back).

I’ve still got a bit of work to do design-wise, but I’m getting close, so bear with me.

I used to run Cinderella Has a Mortgage, a blog focused on the care and feeding of my house, built in 1890, overlooking the Fox River in Elgin. The first couple years here, every day was really an adventure, from mowing the lawn with a reel mower to shrinkwrapping the windows in the fall. (I have ported that blog over here, so fear not, my difficult lessons are still public record.)

Now that’s mostly old hat, so the homeownership theme was too limiting. After four years, I’ve got the routine down. I spent the last few months debating what to do next.

And one day it hit me. I’ve become increasingly invested in my community and have grown to love my adopted hometown. I can blog about my many assorted adventures: running, lifting heavy things, cooking, gardening, social media, volunteering and just general learning. The great big world has so much to offer – I’d be crazy to limit my focus. (And yes, as I embark on a couple big home improvement projects, you’ll likely hear about those, too. Especially if I continue to discover evidence that previous owners took certain liberties with right angles.)

The Elginista name comes from my Twitter handle. Feel free to follow me there for more.

And away we go, for real this time.


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