2008 Plans Recap

A little over a year ago, I started this blog and listed my home improvement/repair plans for 2008. Let’s check in and see how those turned out, shall we?

Replace the back door. Complete! Well, kind of. I did indeed replace the door in July with the help of my parents and boyfriend. However, we’re not yet quite done… I have the trim stained but it needs to be cut to the right size and installed, and, lacking the right saw to do so, it hasn’t happened yet. And I really should put a fresh coat of paint on the door itself – I bought the paint in August but now it’s too cold. I can’t wait until I finish and can actually enjoy the completed result – though I’ve already noticed the far superior insulation compared to previous winters!

Install a utility sink in the basement. Not yet, but now that it’s winter, the need is even more pressing.

Fix the two broken panes of glass on the porch. I kind of replaced one but have to redo it. The story merits its own post.

Remove the wall AC unit in the living room – a remnant of the days before central air – and replace it with a window. COMPLETE as of Monday! And it looks so much better and brighter!

Replace some windows. COMPLETE as far as my budget currently allows. Monday, I replaced three windows in the living room and both in the office, just in time for the cold snap. And yegads, what a difference.

Now to prioritize for 2009… and complete the delinquencies for 2008.


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