Sluggish Posting

I’ve been very very bad at posting lately, but I have excuses!

First and foremost, it’s National Novel Writing Month, that glorious, caffeine-fueled time when, to rail against the increasing darkness, you set out to write 50,000 words towards a novel in just 30 days. I participated – and made the goal – in 2006. Last year, I couldn’t get an idea developed well enough to do anything with, but this year, I’m on top of things. I’m about 16,000 words in, so just a hair behind goal (1,667 words a day keeps you on goal, so I should be at about 18,000, but who’s counting?

Second, I’m traveling, in London this week for work. I had visions of writing the whole way over, but after about three hours of work-work, I cranked out about 2000 words before I couldn’t bear to be hunched over anymore. Last night, when jet lag wouldn’t let me fall asleep until 2 AM, I managed about another 800 words.

Hopefully on tomorrow’s flight home, I’ll be able to tackle at least another 2000 words.

It’s all at the expense of posting… but I’ll be back to my semi-regular routine in December.


3 responses to “Sluggish Posting

  1. I’ve been sluggish in my Elgin Blog too Crysta but I posted tonight and added you and others to my new Blog Roll. I too signed up for Nano but I don’t think I’ll make it. I find it to hard to write without an outline so I figure my personal goal this month will be to finish my novel’s outline by Nov. 30th…maybe I’ll surprise myself. Also got a new political blog going. So much to write…so little time…Sigh! Good luck with Nano – We need a writers club here in Elgin, huh?BTW…this is Paula from Lovin Elgin at

  2. We do need a writers’ club in Elgin! Let’s start one!

  3. Woo, London! Fun!

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