Weekend project

This weekend, I tore a hole in my porch ceiling to replace a couple broken beadboard planks. After searching for beadboard of the right size and pattern, I finally found some pressboard planks at Home Depot a few weeks back. I had brought the package inside and left it wrapped in plastic to protect it from dust and the cat.

After demolishing the bad planks (which Don did happily with his Cubs hammer and a grin of destruction on his face), I unwrapped the new boards to read the installation instructions – and discovered they’re supposed to cure for 72 hours in the “climate of the room” before hanging. I wondered if it really mattered, since the porch isn’t really insulated and goes through a variety of temperatures and humidities in a year, but decided to be safe rather than sorry, so now I’ve got a hole in the ceiling for the next couple days. Next time, I’ll read the related information well before I plan to start the project.


One response to “Weekend project

  1. Hi Crysta, I just happened to find this blog, and to my surprise, I realized that house on Hendee is my old house! Whats the odds? Anyway, it was the first house shared between a friend and myself. It was a total bachelor/party house and was abused extesively(if thse walls could talk!) Well, good luck with your project, and Im glad the ol’ house is finally getting some much needed TLC

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