Busy, and Thwarted by the Weather

Since starting the new job, I’ve been a tad busy learning everything I can about the new industry and adjusting to the new lifestyle. Plus, since I’m getting home earlier, I’ve been going on as many evening bike rides as possible. (The bike path itself has been fascinating with the ongoing heavy rains – there are places the path is closed entirely due to flooding, and many others where the river water laps up along the edges.)

My fancy new back doors came in a few weeks ago, and after frantic scheduling, my sister came down with her truck and helped me bring them to the house. (It’s cheaper to bribe her with lunch than pay the Depot $59 for delivery!) The doors have been parked in the garage ever since, forcing a very cautious maneuver every time I pull the car in – which is daily now. Every time my dad and I have aligned schedules (thrice, so far), it has rained on our parade. And not gentle-we-can-work-in-this rain. No, we’re talking monsoons. The kind that you can’t even consider working outside in, especially since there will be a gaping hole in the house for a couple (few?) hours. But cross your fingers for Friday…

Meanwhile, all the rain has been great for the living things in my yard! My tomato plant boasts the first few green tomatoes beginning to ripen, and some of the herbs are doing well. In the front flower beds, I did indeed wait too long to plant the zinnia bounty, but they’re starting to grow. Note to self: start them much, much earlier next year – like early May, or even inside in April. The nasturtiums are growing, but no blooms yet.

And in the back yard, the mulberries have taken over. Everything is purple and goopy and gross, and there’s a nice, rancid odor of ranting berries. The poor garage roof is purple, and the squirrels and birds are in heaven. We cut that tree back so far last fall, but it grows like a weed!

The rain has also once again meant a bit of very minor flooding in the basement, reminding me of the urgency of fixing it once and for all. Perhaps that’s a good rainy day project.

Onwards and upwards. Plenty more to do.


2 responses to “Busy, and Thwarted by the Weather

  1. Gardening is always a work in process. I was a condo dweller for 30 years and am doing the “house thing” now that I am in my 50’s. I have learned over the last 3 years to just relax and try different things in the garden at different times and those that take, take and those that don’t don’t. Your mulberry tree reminds me of the walnut tree we were pleased to find in our yard when we bought only to spend 1000.00 to remove it that same year when our roof was getting bombed and our patio unusable. Do you know that those darned squirrels are still digging up walnuts after 3 years. I feel bad I took their tree but there was no living with it. Oh well. Got a good recipe for Mulberry pie? — Paula from lovinelgin.wordpress.com

  2. Mmmm…. mulberry pie. Maybe that’s why there were kids climbing said tree, baskets in hand!

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