Doors ordered!

After comparison shopping, Home Depot matched – and beat – the best price I had found, so my doors are on order. I should have them in 10-14 days, so I’m just a couple weeks from a shiny new door! And it will indeed be shiny steel. I found I could order a fiberglass door in my super-special size, but it would have been more than double the cost. I’ll spend that money elsewhere, I’m sure.


One response to “Doors ordered!

  1. Thanks for your comment on my Lovin Elgin blog and input on the Chinese food available here in Elgin. I just love your house. Are you going to research it and go for a plaque? I have a post that describes some of our findings at the Elgin History Museum Archives. Your house looks like it was built around the same time as mine, maybe a decade earlier. It has been interesting to discover all the people who lived her before us and who had the place built. I am going to create an Elgin blogroll on Lovin Elgin and will be sure to link to your cute blog. I also have a blogger blog, more of a diary/social networking site, so I am signing in on this comment with my blogger id. Paula

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