April 1 is just around the corner!

For some people, spring starts with the appearance of the first tulips (hasn’t happened yet). Others consider Opening Day (which is Monday). More scientific types say spring starts with the spring equinox, which was March 20.

But for me, spring really starts when I can tear the plastic from my windows and let out the stale winter air. Most years, we’ll have a random 60 degree day in mid-March that makes me start picking at the double-sided tape until common sense prevails and I know we’re past the last snow. I usually tell myself April 1.

This year, we haven’t had any of those really warm days yet, and it snowed on Thursday. Tuesday’s forecast is for “Windy and much cooler with partly sunny skies. Northwest winds 16-32 m.p.h. and gusty.” The high will be 48, with a below-freezing low of 29. Next Friday is forecast to be “Blustery, chilly and raw.” Sigh.

Maybe I’ll wait until after I get back from Florida on the 8th.


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