Gardening Tools

My parents recently visited my Grandma Charlene in North Carolina. She sent them back with a very nice set of gardening tools for me, which I got today. I’ve very excited – it’s a full set of every tool I could need! They all match and can be stored in a nifty case. They’re far better than my current sorry excuse for a set that I cobbled together from Wal-Mart.

The snow is mostly melted, and I should see crocuses or tulips any day now…


2 responses to “Gardening Tools

  1. So when should I come over to throw the rest of those bottles at your neighbor?

  2. New plan on the bottles: we’re letting them accumulate (though moving them out of the way, next to the garage). When we get a solid six pack (or heck, maybe a case!), we’ll throw them all back over at once, hopefully making the point.Though I am tempted to just line them up on top of the fence, shooting-gallery style.

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