Squeegee Sunday!

Well, what falls as snow has to get into the ground somehow.

I woke up this morning to lots of rain – and melting snow. The heaps and piles of snow have been diminished to sad dirty shadows of their former glory. The neighbors’ snowman’s head sunk into his body. And my basement welcomed a good inch of standing water.

I suppose it makes sense. In the nearly two years I’ve been in this house, I’ve had water in the basement on three occasions. The first two times were after days of steady rain – one week last summer, we got nearly 5 inches of rain. The ground can only hold so much before it seeps into the basement. And today, when an accumulated 16 or so inches of snow begins to melt – while it’s raining – it has to go somewhere. Don and I did the best we could, pushing the water towards the floor drain. I made a Target run and bought a new squeegee mop to get the rest.

So now the basement dries out… until next time.


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