I love my neighbors

After last night’s frozen garage door debacle, I spent the day dreading the digging ahead. On my way home, I saw that my sidewalk had been cleared, which was great, but not terribly unusual – sometimes a neighbor will run down the whole block, creating a beautifully straight snowbank.

But as I reached my house, I discovered that my entire driveway was clear, and only the garage was still entombed. Perfectly straight tire tracks lined the driveway, and there was even a tidy path to my backdoor. Now, I’ve joked with my neighbor Santos on a couple occasions when we were out working on our respective driveways – “Hey, you can do mine when you’re done!” – but it was a very nice surprise.

I’ve baked chocolate chip cookies and will be leaving them on their step in the morning. Thank you, neighbor!


One response to “I love my neighbors

  1. David, Amber and B

    Oh, man. Thats amazing. There should be an award for that kind of thing. I always think fondly on the Chicago area and think about coming back one day… and then I remember the snow. 🙂Your picture of you in front of your house looks great by the way!-Amber-

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