The Cable Conundrum

Ah, Super Tuesday. The polisci geek’s Super Bowl.

But part of my decision to buy my house meant a very conscious and strict budget. And kicking out the slacker boyfriend shortly after moving in meant that money got even tighter. By my calculations, I have a disposable income of about $11 a month.

I’ve never paid for cable – my most recent apartment was possibly the last surviving incidence of native RCN in the city of Chicago – and am somewhat proud of that silly distinction. Sure, I could argue that I have better things to do than watch TV. That’s especially true in the summer, when I spend hours on my bike or puttering in the yard, but this time of year, mindless, easy TV calls me. And sometimes, I miss HGTV or the Colbert Report or the plethora of reruns.

And tonight, as the slush plops down and I follow election returns online, man, I wish I had cable.


One response to “The Cable Conundrum

  1. David, Amber and B

    Yeah! Crysta has a blog! We are tight budgeters too, no room for cable. We were refreshing the computer screen though. And it was fun. Have the primaries ever been this exciting before? 🙂-Amber-

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