A Girly License to Kill?

Sure, we’ve got the aforementioned pink tools, but at some point, suburban homeowners must consider something that’s illegal in the city. That’s right, I’m talking pink firearms.

I’ve been relatively lucky when it comes to pests. (Insert knock on wood.) Other than a couple cockroaches – oh, and the bat – my cat has happily tended to my pest control needs. She’s particularly fond of ladybugs.

But plenty of suburbanites face far greater problems. Growing up, our cedar-sided house was attacked by woodpeckers. Squirrels built a nest in the attic above my parents’ room. Chipmunks ran amok, digging hole after hole after hole in the yard. My boss spent last summer chasing rabbits away from his plants.

Eventually, many suburban homeowners stop playing nice and pull out the big guns. More precisely, they rely on air rifles, bb guns and related light firearms to rid themselves of the suburban menace.

Which brings me back to the pink rifle available through Pyramid Air.

Who is the target market? Target shooting girls? Homeowner girls? The description exudes energy and pep:

Think pink! Pink guns are the hottest trend. They’re the surest way to get girls interested in the shooting sports. Get one for the girl in your family, and you’ll be surprised how much she loves shooting! If you’re a gun collector, you need to get this one! It’s sure to become a collectible!

But would the pink air rifle take out a squirrel if need be?


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